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Naughty Librarian

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#21 [url]

Apr 29 12 5:27 AM


Sending good thoughts and love your way, man.

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Great Librarian

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Apr 30 12 2:14 AM

 Hey Doc,

You don't know me from Adam but I've long admired what you've built here in the Library.  I have no other angle than appreciation and concern.  There are several presses out there but YOU (your press) have personally given so much to both the writers and readers.  From what I've seen, it has always been personal with you... more about giving than business or profit.  That is rare!  And it speaks to how YOU, as a person, have made such a difference and have conveyed so much good will... even to lurkers like myself. 

But hey Doc, not to be a jerk, but your absence is hurting things.  It is noticeable how this board has slowed... rather dramatically.  We need you back!  I can understand the difficulties you are going through... Personally, I've been through the worst too and know what it means emotionally... the desire to just maintain basic needs.  But Doc, not to be a jerk, the greatness you have created in the Library does have responsibilities.  People, your writers if no one else, are depending on you.

I am an ass for preaching.  I don't know your situation.  But what I do know is that life can sometimes not be fair. All the while, one can let things be lost while struggling and not looking... things that you value and you won't know are are gone it until its too late.  Believe me, I've been there.  I do know how it would be awful to someday wake up from the haze only to realize its all gone while knowing a few simple steps could have averted that loss. 

People will understand as long as they know you're trying and are present.  Those small actions you could take do tend to make you feel better.  Those first steps tend to snowball...they might even lead you back to the original enthusiasm that drove you... a spark that feeds you.  At least a driving reminder. 

Now, I've followed these boards for a long while.  You are generous almost to a fault... I don't know how you make a profit.  If that's the case, then change your business plan and adjust.  You have created enough goodwill that people will understand one way or the other.

But it seems that Library is slowing down and it does need you back.  Your absence has been profound.  Please make nothing more than baby steps to get involved again  We know you care but are having hard times right now.  There are so many of us who care about you... even a lurker like me.  We will do everything we can to return the love and passion you have long given a thousands times fold.  You ARE THE MAN!!!

Library of the Living Dead Press needs YOU!  The Library is YOU, doc.  If you are not here then the Library is not here.  This is the Internet age and a prolonged absence is not good.  We need you back. Even if it's just you making more posts and taking more steps to be involved.  There are so many of us who care and want to know how you are doing.  We just want to know that you are here and okay.  If not okay, then how can we help?

You have built so much and have attracted so many who care.  Please join us once again.  We need you back.  Waddya say, doc?

You are loved and we so want to welcome you back!.

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Apr 30 12 9:21 AM

I'm still not able to do the publishing stuff. My mental health is fragile now and the added stress of the Library publishing would snap me like a twig.

I'm working on it, I swear, but it's coming very slowly this time around.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers,


When life gives you lemons, kick life in the balls, and when it bends over squirt the lemon in its eyes and run like hell!

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Librarian Per Haud Vita

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#25 [url]

Apr 30 12 10:09 AM

Love you, Doc!  And as a wonderfully wise man once said:  When life gives you lemons, kick life in the balls, and when it bends over squirt the lemon in its eyes and run like hell!

I'm just saying...

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Great Librarian

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#26 [url]

Apr 30 12 1:04 PM

Hi Doc,
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I have to say, speaking for myself that 2012 has blown chunks big time!
If you need anything please let me know and I will help out with whatever I can.

Rest up, get better.


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Librarian Emeritus

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#27 [url]

Apr 30 12 2:50 PM

The majority of us would do whatever we could for ya! If we can help, let us know.


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#33 [url]

Nov 26 12 11:51 PM

Hello there,

Susana here, man i have to say this place is real cool, i have been keeping a eye on here from many months & thought its time now to post a comment to make all happy & start a conversation all along so people can come here & keep i touch & post questions to find resolution to the same & so on, i guess this is a good start to all that.

Hope all come along & start a revolution :-)

Catch you all later.


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Librarian Emeritus

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#34 [url]

Nov 26 15 9:04 PM


By now you must have enough good vibrations happening that you feel like you are on one of those beds you put a quarter in. I won't ask what's shaking. I do hope things continue to improve for you. Just so you will know, the books have made wonderful x-mas presents. Baconology remains in my office to disturb the unwary. Please take care of you and your family before worrying about us.

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