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Sep 8 08 2:32 PM

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Alrighty. This is a wee thingie that I tend to do everywhere. It is a guaranteed Post Count Maker, but only if people get involved. Single word answers! Mind, it doesn't matter if it's a real person, place, thing, concept, or toe curler. It's called word association, baby. Pucker up and put 'er there. You ain't getting out of this house ALIVE!

PS: It's also a psychological experiment that I use to classify and codify the many species of living humans on the Net. Please be kind, and remember to rewind.

I shall begin:


Now c'mon everybody! Get in the pool! It's HAMMER Time!

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Good Librarian

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Sep 10 08 7:48 AM


Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to describe...

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