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May 4 11 6:32 AM

From the photos, looks like you all had fun, and it seems to have been a good turnout. Am I correct in saying that?

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May 4 11 6:41 AM

Hope everyone had a great time!  Thanks for sharing the pictures.  Kody I wish I had that picture in poster size to put in my daughters room as a reminder of the day my Mom and Dad came by to walk the dog and found a young man locked out of my house.  My Dad still talks about the sample writing you gave him.  He thinks you are very talented.
Bummed to have missed the show.  This was my favorite convention last year.  I'll be there for sure in 2012.  For those of you who were disappointed that Dr. Pus had to cancel you can blame me.  He decided to stay close to home to be able to help me while we deal with my son's issues. 

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May 9 11 9:49 AM

We missed you three!  But we hope to attend again next year also.  Here's hoping no more accidents for us, and all is well for you all to attend in 2012.

The Memorial Trilogy by Robert R Best. Zombies are a bitch. Luckily for the world, Angie Land is a bigger one.

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