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Nov 22 11 5:53 PM

Ya know, the obvious solution is internet service in your grave! That could be a whole new area for investment. Scareyworms and I could start the " Interred with the Internet" companyt. Zak couldd be our spokes zombie. He'd rock on infomercials.


I would rock the infomercial set ... ooooooh, yeah!

Sounds great, Aldon, where do I sign up?

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Be there ... or be dessert! Come and play!

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#122 [url]

Dec 6 11 10:26 AM

I would greatly appreciate the Good Librarians posting more on the forum.

Thanks in advance!


When life gives you lemons, kick life in the balls, and when it bends over squirt the lemon in its eyes and run like hell!

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