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All Hallows' Evil is a collection of thirteen mysteries set at Halloween. Some are straight-up mysteries, others blur the line between human and supernatural.
Stories and authors:

Norman’s Skeletons by Gloria Alden
The Carver by Erin Farwell
Dead and Buried Treasure by Barb Goffman
The Psychic Temp by Devon Greene
The Creepiest House by Marianne Halbert
Pact of the Lantern by Daniel Hale
The Murderer at the Cabin by Robert Holt
A Eye For A Eye by Wenda Morrone
Making Contact by Marilyn Pierce Patterson
Bill's Chair by Jason Purdy
Devil's Night by Harriette Sackler
An Echo of Samhain by D.J. Tyrer
Death of the Party by Lance Zarimba

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