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Mar 9 16 1:02 AM

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Hey yo everyone  8 )

My name is Mika and I'm an aspiring author of zombie fiction.  My target audience is one I feel too neglected in this genre of literature... specifically, girls in the 10-14 year old age range.  My goal is to provide strong, positive female role models and address issues relevant to kids while maintaining that balance between 'scary' and 'fun' that kids of this age would appreciate.  While I haven't yet tried to promote my books... I'm working on two trilogies and focused on finishing all six books... like many self published authors my books are available from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble in something like 50 countries worldwide.

I have one question and one comment.  Would I be breaking forum rules if I posted a few chapters of my book?  And if anyone knows any teenage zombie fans, or feel they might enjoy a book written for teenage zombie fans, I will happily send you one.  Also, if any aspiring authors would like to network, I have quite a few ideas about getting our names out there.  Just let me know and I might be able to hook you up.

Thank you for yr time, pleased to meet everyone and be well  8 )
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Mar 15 16 10:05 AM

Hi Mika,

Thanks for the post. Your books look interesting :)

As you can see, things are a little slow around here nowadays, like a shambling zombie. But we wait, ready to rise again.



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